Areas of Expertise Picture of Emily Thompson.


Taught classes in basic multimedia editing to undergraduates.

Trained new English teachers in Drilling Techniques (taught partially in Mandarin Chinese), Games for Learning, and how to teach special classes for the summer and winter vacations.

Observed new teachers and provided formative feedback.

Designed a Rhythm Instruments Course, the module for the Phonics 1 course, and worksheets for the Super Skills books. (lesson plans available upon request)

Supervised two interns in the creation of the wardrobes for James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the University of Guam Summer Theatre Camp.

Over six years experience teaching children and adults English in South Korea and Taiwan.


Established the first 3D printing program in an academic library in New York State.

Helped create a process for creating concept-based video tutorials with Brandon West.


Mandarin Chinese, French, and Korean

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